Are you looking for proven, world-class People development solutions to improve performance & productivity in your business? 

The LMI Foundations of Success Workshop introduces the concepts and practical tools that have been used to help many thousands of organisations (& countless individuals!) and is taking place at convenient venues in London & the South East.  

This workshop is integral to LMI's Total Leader Concept and shows you how to:

  • Establish an effective goal setting system to achieve sustained, consistent success.
  • Manage your workload & priorities more effectively, getting more important stuff done each day.
  • Create more time and energy for crucial strategic work that so often gets sidelined by the urgent crises and daily fire-fighting.
  • Improve internal & external communication


I'm Nick Howes  of LMI UK and, alongside my colleagues, we have run these workshops with hundreds of managers and leaders across the UK in recent years with incredible results.

I am delighted to make this offer to organisations in London and the surrounding area:

£200 off the first place for yourself, or a key person you'd like to send on your behalf, so you can experience first hand the results we help our clients achieve.

We have found this a really positive & friendly way to introduce organisations to our unique leadership and management solutions.

I am a business owner myself, not just a trainer. I lead a team. I deal directly with clients. I know what it's like to handle all these pressures each day and it's the tools from this workshop that I use constantly to keep me on track. Without them I would be a lot less effective and I know some of these things will be super-helpful to people in your organisation too.

There's so much training out there so how do you know what's going to be truly effective?

I know that you'll be familiar with a wide range of training courses...some more effective than others.  You'll be aware that for busy people, after that initial spike of post-course enthusiasm, often the back-at-work routine kicks in, the emails stack up and those new ideas and great intentions can find themselves gathering dust on the shelf (along with the course manual)!

At LMI we understand that completely. We understand how people learn and how long-term changes are made. We use all of our experience from working with thousands of people across six continents to make sure that everything we do is designed to make a lasting impact.

It's all about results...

Investing precious time and money in training has to make a tangible, bottom-line impact on the business

"More time...more profits...less stress...greater control...focus...balance...happiness!"

These are just some of the words that our clients have used to describe how things have changed for them as a result of their attending the Foundations of Success Workshop and beginning to work with us. What each person gains from it will be personal to them...but our experience with hundreds of UK leaders, managers, business owners and sales professionals gives us this confidence - THEY CERTAINLY WILL GAIN!

We have a huge library of reviews, testimonials and LinkedIn recommendations from previous delegates. Here you can read just a few of these...though if you'd like to see more, just ask!

"Now getting through more work, charging more time..."
- Michael Kiy (MD, Yes We Do Websites)
but WOW, I'm so glad I went!
- Tracey Neuman (Director, BHLC)
"I can honestly say I think what I learned will change my life..."
- Adam Petford (Owner, The Biz Links)
Warning: This is no exercise in ivory-tower management theory : ideas that sound great in a training room but have no value back in the real world of getting important work done. If you're interested in helping your people make practical steps forward in how they manage themselves and their interaction with others - sometimes it's the 1% changes that make all the difference -  this is for you! This Workshop is all about sharing great ideas and putting practical tools in your hands that will help managers & their teams be more effective and productive in their work. We absolutely love that this is exactly the feedback we keep on getting from those who attend!
Many much more productive
- Gemma Bowers (Learning & Development Director, Regular Cleaning)

By choosing to attend, like those you've already read about, delegates will be taking an important step towards significant gains in  the following key areas:

Personal Management

  • prioritisation
  • time management
  • handling interruptions


  • goal setting
  • benefits & rewards
  • focus and energy 


  • communication styles
  • meetings & delegation
  • email & social media

Decision Making

  • clarify of purpose
  • high pay-off activities
  • obstacles and roadblocks


  • long range & master goals
  • monthly planning process
  • the daily 'ten magic minutes'


  • shared goals & priorities
  • team meetings & 1-2-1s
  • effective workflow

So what actually goes on at one of these Workshops? Here's a 146 second insight (real people & everything!) I recorded recently.

The detail:

You'll be wanting to know what's actually involved when you take the plunge and say YES to getting in on the action. Well here's the lowdown:

how long?

workshops last for three and a half hours, usually 9.30am - 1pm.


Baden Powell House, 65 Queen's Gate, London SW7  5JS

Nescot College, Reigate Road, Epsom, Surrey. KT17 3DS


business owners, managers, sales people, key support staff as well as HR / L&D managers regularly attend.


as well as a course manual, we send you away with a stack of brilliant goals, planning & communication tools in paper & electronic format.


post-course 1-2-1 follow up is provided to help you implement your plans, familiarise yourself with the tools provided & signpost next steps.


the Workshop course fees are £249 + Vat per person...

although we are offering you one place for just £49 + Vat.

The cost of £249 + Vat represents fantastic value - we offer a full money-back guarantee on that fee i.e. if anyone attends and feels (for whatever reason) that it's not been a fantastic investment of their time and money, we'll refund their entire fee. However, we know that the power of what is shared in this workshop must be experienced first-hand....and that's why we're making this sensational offer...

You may send the First Person - yourself or a nominated member of staff - from your organisation for just £49.  

"significantly more organised and productive..."

"I found the ideas shared, as well as the practical planning tools supplied, to be of immense value. My time has become significantly more organised and productive and I can see great value in enrolling others within our company on this same training."

- Cathy Buckley (HR Manager, Alpine Electronics)

"Ideas and principles to put into practice straight away..."

"A practical toolkit to manage time effectively...some great tips on practical goal setting and several good ideas and principals to put into practice straight away. Would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who's wondering where time disappears to and how to achieve more in their life."

- Ian O'Donnell MBE (Director, Real Point Group)

Here's Nick, speaking during the introduction section at recent workshop, about how the workshop is structured.

Current dates & venues

We hold the Foundations of Success Workshop in a variety of easy-to-reach venues across the UK. Choose from the list below the best upcoming date for you to attend. Additional dates and venues are regularly updated. Get in touch if you would like to discuss your specific requirements using the contact details at the foot of this page.


Scheduled Dates

Epsom, Surrey


Central London

Tuesday 12th February 

Friday 26th April

Wednesday 19th June

Book your tickets below

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Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • '1st Person' 100% discount
  • Course workbook & materials
  • Planning tools & templates
  • Personal follow-up support

All these now for:

£249  £49

This discounted price is valid only for the first person from any organisation who books to attend the Foundations of Success Workshop. It can be redeemed for any date at any venue subject to availability.

Subsequent places are chargeable at £249 + Vat.​

No Nonsense £249 Money-Back Guarantee

As mentioned earlier, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If whoever attends is not delighted with their investment of time and money when they attend the Workshop, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund of the full £249 fee regardless of whether you paid full price or took advantage of the '1st Person' offer.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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